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2011-12-07 14:32

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How Many Ways Can You Say Goodbye to a Job?




As talk of a thaw in hiring freezes rises above a whisper, many people are already planning to look for a new position when the job market picks up. ŹƸгⶳĴԽ˶ĥҪھҵгůʱҷ¹

Some 60% of workers say intend to leave their jobs when the economy approves, according to a survey by Right Management, a talent and careermanagement consulting firm in Philadelphia. It might be tempting to give the boss an earful if you land a new job in the coming months. But the way you quit can have a long term impact on your career. How to resign on good terms:ڽܷѳְҵѯ˾Right ManagementԱУԼɵ˵ϣھúתȥйδҵ¼ңôٱǰôϰ˦ϼݻְķʽпְܸҵĴӰ졣Ǽǡְ“”ǣ

Be prepared. б

Review your employee handbook or employment contract before announcing your decision, so you know what company policy is regarding resignations, severance, the return of company property and pay for unused vacation time. Also, find out the company's reference policy to see what information will be disclosed to a prospective employer. If you have another job lined up, be sure to have your offer in writing before you resign. ְ֮ǰԼԱֲͶͬ˽⹫˾ڴְԼ˾Լδݼٲнȷʲôߡ⣬Ķһ¹˾IJο˽ЩϢ¶δĹѾҵµĹȷڵݽdz֮ǰƸ֡

Use it or lose it. ݻDzݣ

If you haven't used vacation time and will lose it if you quit, you might want to use your time before leaving or link it to your resignation date. States like California consider accrued vacation time to be part of wages and must be paid upon resignation or termination says employment attorney Michael J. Goldfarb, president of Northridge Calif. based Holman HR. But if you don't want to burn any bridges, don't take vacation and announce your departure just after you return. 㻹мδݣڴְҲĻҪְǰԼְڡݱְҵʹ˾Holman HRܲáӶʦ˶·Michael J. Goldfarb˵ڼݵݣӦݼʱнʼɲְ֣Լ֮ǰǮԱҪԼ·ͲҪ˼Ȼְ

Make an appointment. ϰԼ̸

'Be formal and make an appointment with your boss, ' recommends Tanya Maslach, a San Diego, Calif. career expert who specializes in relationship management issues. 'Prepare what you want to say. Be direct and engaging and be transparent, ' Ms. Maslach says. She also recommends offering to help make the transition easier; ask your boss how you can best do that. After the discussion, put your resignation in a hardcopy letter that includes your last day and any transitional help you've offered. Keep a copy. Two weeks advance notice is still standard but experts recommend offering more time if you've worked at the company for more than five years. You also need to be prepared to leave right away some companies require it. ϵְҵ̩櫣˹棨Tanya Maslach飬ְҲҪ֣£ϰԼ̸һ¡˵׼ԼҪ˵ĻҪֱӡϿҺˡְйӣϰԼźá֮ϰύһϸǵĴְţְʱԼڽӹпṩİԼһݸӡְ֪ͨܵͨʱ䣬רҽ飬һҹ˾ְϣӦΪ϶Ľʱ䡣ҲҪְ׼еĹ˾дҪ

Don't take the stapler. ˳ǣʹá

'It's not worth it, ' says Mr. Goldfarb. 'If there are security cameras or coworkers with a grudge, stealing from the company doesn't look good.' In some cases, you could also end up getting billed for the missing equipment or even taken to court, he says. ·˵ǧ˳߶֮Сֵá˵˾װаȫͷͬ¶ôڹ˾С͵СΪԼѿijЩ£ҪΪʧ񵥣ᱻϷͥ

Scrub your digital footprint. Ĩȥĵ㼣

Clear your browser cache remove passwords to Web sites you use from work such as your personal email or online bank account and delete any personal files on your work computer that aren't relevant to work. Don't delete anything work related if you're required to keep it.棬ɾȥڰ칫ҵʻʱ룬ɾκ빤޹صĸļ˾Ҫ㱣һЩļĻôҪɾǡ

Be honest but remain positive.ʵҪ̬

Be helpful during the exit interview but keep responses simple and professional. Don't use the session to lay blame or rant about the workplace. 'Whatever you do don't confess about how much you disliked working there' says Ms. Maslach. 'If you want to leave a helpful bit of advice or opinion consider offering your expertise to your soontobe exboss . . . offer to be available to them for advice when they get in a rut.'̸ְҪʾԸΪ˾ṩĻشӦ򵥶רҵҪʱԹڵݹ˹˵ζҪ˵Լжôݹ˵һЩõĽ򿴷ͰǸ߼Ϊǰϰ˰……ԺڹĻԼԸԮ֡

Stay close. ϵ

Consider joining an employee alumni association, which often serves as a networking group for former employees. It can be a good way to keep up with changes in the company and industry and find leads to new jobs down the road. Keep in touch with coworkers you worked closely with; they may end up in management roles. ǼǰԱɵС壬һƽ̨ǽ˾ҵ仯ĺð취㻹ܲзֿܵĹᡣǰͬ±ϵΪպп㡣



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