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2011-12-15 11:02

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1. Bakewell Tart Τ̢

The Bakewell tart is a shortcrust pastry filled with jam and almond sponge frangipane. The result is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. The tart originates from the town of Bakewell. Local legend has it that the Bakewell tart or pudding, as it is known in Bakewell was created when a cook misunderstood her mistress'instructions and layered frangipane on a simple jam tart. Whatever the truth the tart has been popular since at least the early 19th century.


2. Pork pie ڱ

Like the Bakewell tart, the pork pie comes in a variety of forms. Cheap ones are perfect for lunch boxes, more expensive ones can almost be a meal in themselves. The pork pie likely originated as a snack for hunting parties. It is usually small, round, a crust of brittle brown pastry and a filling of chopped pork.


3. Kedgeree ж

The fry-up may be a more famous British breakfast but nothing beats a good kedgeree. Kedgeree is a dish of curried rice, flaked fish, parsley and boiled eggs. Kedgeree is one of those dishes brought back from India in the days of the Raj, and was wildly popular with the Victorians. It is not as popular as it once was.


4. Custard tart ͵̢

The custard tart does have international variants but none to compare with the Egg Custard Tart. Custard tarts must be an ancient invention, given the wide spread of variations across the world. Like all the best foods, the custard tart is simplicity itself. All you need is a shortcrust pastry, a well made egg custard, and a sprinkling of nutmeg. The custard tart can be eaten hot from the oven, but eaten at room temperature improves it immensely.


5. Yorkshire pudding Լ˿

Yorkshire pudding is not a pudding. Yorkshire puddings are an accompaniment to Sunday roasts some would say the best part of the meal. Miniature Yorkshire puddings with a morsel of beef and horse radish make a great canapé. Made well, Yorkshire puddings are light and crisp made badly, they can resemble pucks. Whether or not your Yorkshire puddings rise is the true test of your cooking ability.Լ˿IJԼ˿տıرЩ˻˵ʳõһ֡΢Լ˿ţܲһıͶɡúԼ˿ࣻûпˣǾͻԲһѿԼ˿⿼ܵһġ



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Ӣ ϼ 30ʱ 150Ԫ/
԰ ------ 15ʱ 100Ԫ/
ѧ ------ 10ʱ 60Ԫ/
龰ϲ ------ 15ʱ 100Ԫ/
ֿ ------ 35ʱ 150Ԫ/
ȤζӢٳ ӡƽ 18ʱ 179Ԫ/
ٶӢԤ (Pre-Starters) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
ٶӢһ (Starters) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
ٶӢ (Movers) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
ٶӢ (Flyers) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
Ӣ ------ 55ʱ ------ 350Ԫ/
мӢ ------ 83ʱ ------ 350Ԫ/
߼Ӣ ------ 122ʱ ------ 350Ԫ/
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