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2012-01-12 11:27


Laba Festival there are two legendary origin. Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha said that a move mountain cultivation. December eighth day that day because of hunger and fatigue Zaidao street, was a shepherdess found with large gruel saved so that he Dachedawu. Enlightenment and Buddha. One said that the Ming emperor Zhu Yuan-hour cattle to the rich because the rich bracket was broken off in a room, three days did not give anything to eat, he was unbearable hunger. Searched everywhere. Finally found a rat hole, dig out the beans, grain and other food, Zhu Chengyu consumption, find it very sweet.


Later, the emperor made the emperor, thinking a child eat porridge and that the taste of Dayton, he ordered his eunuchs to use a variety of food cooked up a pot of sugar porridge, feast courtiers, after North Korea Wenwubaiguan emulated and passed civil society, Sui Cheng A holiday customs. By Zhu Yuan sugar porridge eighth day of the days of the twelfth lunar month, so this porridge is also called "laba porridge".


"Laba" is a grand festival of Buddhism. Before the liberation around the temple for Buddha's Birthday will be held prayers, and, like the Buddha into the Road, before the story of The Legend of chylous Munv Xian, with fragrant valley, fruit, etc. porridge worship Buddha, called "laba porridge." Laba porridge and will be presented to the disciples and the believers, it would be in civil Xiangyan into the vulgar. Some monasteries in the twelfth lunar month is said to eighth day before the hand-held by the monks alms bowl, street alms, will be collected rice, chestnuts, dates, nuts and other ingredients laba porridge distributed to the poor.


After eating legend could be the Buddha's blessing, so poor, it is called the "Buddha congee." Southern Song Dynasty, Lu You a poem that goes: "at the present Buddha congee is more relative to feed, and anti-sense Emura a new section of material." Hangzhou temples temple is said to store leftovers within a "stack of rice floor," usually every day the monks leftovers dried, plot a years of surplus grain to the lunar calendar laba porridge boiled eighth day he gave copies to his followers, known as "Fu-zhou" "Ford porridge," which means that after eating you can Zengfu Zengshou. It is obvious that the monks cherish the virtues of food.







Ŀ ʦ ʱ Żݼ γ
Ӣ ϼ 30ʱ 150Ԫ/
԰ ------ 15ʱ 100Ԫ/
ѧ ------ 10ʱ 60Ԫ/
龰ϲ ------ 15ʱ 100Ԫ/
ֿ ------ 35ʱ 150Ԫ/
ȤζӢٳ ӡƽ 18ʱ 179Ԫ/
ٶӢԤ (Pre-Starters) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
ٶӢһ (Starters) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
ٶӢ (Movers) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
ٶӢ (Flyers) ------ ------ 200Ԫ/
Ӣ ------ 55ʱ ------ 350Ԫ/
мӢ ------ 83ʱ ------ 350Ԫ/
߼Ӣ ------ 122ʱ ------ 350Ԫ/
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